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A Little Bit About Us

InSite Tours Ireland is a multiple award-winning tour business owned and managed by Fergal Kearney, offering specialized guided tours and tour planning to visitors, with a focus on the more distinctive and unusual characteristics of his native Northern Ireland.

With over 20 years experience in tourism on the island of Ireland, with 15 of those spent at Tourism Northern Ireland, Fergal has an unsurpassed knowledge of the destination and its unique culture and environment. InSite Tours also work with a variety of knowledgeable and entertaining specialist guides and heritage site custodians to provide dynamic and exciting visitor experiences.

InSite Tours Ireland provides you with the opportunity to share in and enjoy our intimate knowledge and understanding of Northern Ireland and neighbouring County Donegal – our culture, our people, our landscape, our beating heart!

With his friendship with an intimate knowledge of the work of the late poet Seamus Heaney and sharing his birthplace, Fergal is uniquely placed to take you on a journey through Seamus Heaney’s literary interpretation of Ireland, his sense of place and the unique people of his native South Derry.

InSite Tours will also take you on journeys through some of the hidden gems of Ireland, in particular, the great sweeping mountains and glens of the Sperrin Mountains and the mysterious beauty of Lough Neagh and Lough Beg.

Offering walk-on guides to coach and tour operators and individual driving tours of the destination, you and your visitors can discover a unique part of Ireland with a huge story to tell. And told well, with a consummate knowledge, personal warmth, and good humour.